M Tip

'Tuned' Multi-Port Tips

for Propane / Natural Gas ...

(with oxygen)


we support

  NK / UN  Adapters:

Connect Paige Tips to pictured Torches.

Bicycle Frame Builders

Master Set: $165.95

Tips: M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5 + MA-1 + MA-2  Rosebuds + NK or UN Adapter + Tips Holder.  (Blue) + Free Shipping on Master

A Set: $119.95   (Very popular Set)            

Tips: M-2, M-3, M-4 + MA-1 Rosebud + NK or UN Adapter

Trial Set: $69.95            

Tips: M-2, M-3 + NK or UN Adapter.  

NK / UN Adapters:  $28.00 ea. Extra Adapters with Set purchase $18 ea.

M  Tips:  M-1 to M-5 $18.95 ea.

MX Tip: $54.95 ea. Powerful Flame!  Special 'Copper' Alloy.

MA Rosebuds:  MA-1 / MA-2 $44.95  (Pre Heating / Annealing)

Tips Holder:  $31.95 See  our Tips Holder here.

Shipping:  USA  $10.75   /  Canada:  Contact Us

NOTE: Rosebuds & MX Tip NOT for use with a Disposable Oxygen cylinder.

Paige Adapters for use ONLY with Paige Tips.

NOTE: Substitutions in Sets may increase the cost.

M Tips

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AT61 Smith


UN-J Victor Neck


Fits all        Torches

Top Rated

by Frame Builders





Copper MX

MX Tip

* Torch Bodies / Necks

   Not included in prices.

Prices are MSRP & subject to change without notice.

MA-2     MA-1

Rosebud Tips

Other Torches

Any of the above 5, Torches would also make a perfect, small scale Casting Torch using our MX Tip. Match the Torch body with the correct Neck shown above. Gas lines for the above Torches are sold by many companies. Casting opens up many creative areas and is easy to do. Paige Tools can help in that area too!

Jewelry Makers

Smith AW1A

(Versa Torch)

Innovation - Design - Performance 

Victor J-28

Harris 15-3

Uniweld  71

Gentec 140T