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Below Wholesale Prices

16.2 ct. - 19 x 12.75mm $80

10.8 ct. - 15.5 x 12mm $60

8.6 ct. - 15.8 x 9mm $35

All 3 Moonstone are the

same, #1 quality.

Rubellite Tourmaline - 6.30 ct.

(Reddish variety of Tourmaline)

12.75 x 10.70mm $395

Tourmaline - 2.58 ct.

(Green, Sea-Foam color)

8.75mm  $140

Tourmaline - 6.95 ct.

12.02 x 9.07mm  $395

Tourmaline - 3.25 ct.

8.8 x 8.36mm  Cushion shape


Sapphire - 1.65 ct.


7.2 x 5.9mm  $85

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Make something

'Special'...Use Gems!

Sapphire - 1.52 ct.

Daylight = Blue

Incandescent Light = Lavender-Blue

6.0mm  $115

Color Change!

Pink Sapphires - Pair  1.14 ct.

5.6 x 3.7mm Emerald Cut

$125 / pr

Sapphires - 3.95 ct. t.w. (t.w. = total weight)

Blue ovals are 6x4mm approx.

Large Golden is 5.5mm round.

9 stones as a Lot  $25

Many jewelry makers use silver due to the cost of gold & fashion trends. Adding a yellow gold accent to silver jewelry can make work more interesting. Adding a Colorful Gem takes any piece of jewelry up

several more notches!

The next step 'Up' after adding a colored gem is using a small diamond accent. It works like turning on a light that adds Sparkle. 'Inexpensive' diamonds are all that's needed. Using a combination of these techniques make designs come alive. 22Kt. is best for small accents due to its yellow punch. 18Kt. does not have enough impact in small, decorations.

Gems can turn designs into treasured, 'Works of Art.'

Jewelry with beautiful gems should include a 'Story' for customers such as the origin of the main Gem, how your design evolved & special techniques you used. Invite people into your creative process through interesting information. Details add layers of attraction & paint a vivid picture of your work that brings it to life! Customers will love it, better sales will prove it works and you’ll be providing a service people will remember & reward you for. Long-term customer relationship and loyalties are built that way!  

Your jewelry has a Story... Share it with people!

Sales are final on Gems.

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3.95 Ct.  14.5  x 8.6 mm  


Small Diamonds, etc.

Gems - Etc.  

Innovation - Design - Performance 

5.50 Ct.  21 x 2 mm  

$35 /Ct.

7.10 Ct.  16.05  x 12.07 mm   $55 /Ct.

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