M Tip

'Tuned' Multi-Port Tips

for Propane / Natural Gas

(with oxygen)

'New' Torches

we support

  NK / UN  Adapters:

To Connect Paige Tips.

Bicycle Frame Builders

Master Set: $159.95

Tips: M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5 + MA-1 + MA-2  Rosebuds + NK or UN Adapter + Tips Holder   (Blue  or  Green -  your choice)

A Set: $95.95               

Tips: M-3, M-4, M-5 + NK or UN Adapter + Tips Holder - Blue

Trial Set: $59.95             

Tips: M-3, M-4 + NK or UN Adapter  

NK / UN Adapters:  $35.00 ea.

M Tips:  $16.95 ea.  M-0 to M-4  (M-5  $18.95 ea.)

MA Rosebuds:  MA-1 $35.95 - MA-2 $38.95

Tips Holder: $19.95 with Set purchase  / $24.95 Alone  

Shipping:  USA  $7.95   /  Canada:  $12.95

Tips Not designed for melting or Glass working.

M Tips

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AT61 Smith Neck

UN-J Victor Neck


Tips Holder

Thick Aluminum plate.

Precision machined.

Anodized + stainless steel studs.

Fits all        Torches

Top Rated Tips!

by Frame Builders




Smith AW1A

(Versa Torch)

Innovation - Design - Performance 

Victor J-28

Harris 15-3

Uniweld  71

Gentec 140T